Collette looked up at the sky. She sighed.

She looked around.


She whined.

She was hoping to find her friends Pearl and Kilo. Kilo had to be back from his long trip, be just HAD to. She roamed her icy home and then started to head back towards her igloo. Collette then spotted a seagul. The seabirds circled over top of her those birds looked familiar.

Collette: Iceshard!

Iceshard: Yes. I am certain you are familiar with know...Frozen Heart. The only thing in this dimension that cannot be recreated or bought or replaced. It is what powers the Glacier Kingdom and our world. Without it those of this place will disappear and cease to exist.

Collette:*smirks* as a matter of fact, I already knew. That's why that dumb thing every pup relies on disappears and then reappears in different places. You'll never find it.

Iceshard:*uses powers to fling icicles at Collette*  You fool! You believe you know everything about this item, the Glacier Kingdom, and Ice! What is there to know about ICE!

Collette:*makes Ice wall* without any form of water, life wouldn't exist! There be no plants, no humans, not to mention pups! And your just like me -a little pup.

Collette makes the Ice wall turn into sharp pointy icicles and fires them at Iceshard. Unfortunately, she missed.

Iceshard leaves and leads his seagulls back to his black, icy palace on Sharp Precipice. 

Collette drew all her power out of anger and opened up a portal!

Collette:*slowly backs up* whoa! What the neck did I just do!

Meanwhile, the Paw Patrol where packing the patroler for a trip to the desert. Everest sighed. 

Everest: I wish I could come.

Piper: Not to worry. We'll bring you back a souvenir. 

Everest: Thanks

Keena: CAN'T wait gotta go like, NOW! 

Then there was trouble. The portal that Collette had opened up had connected to Adventure Bay. Ryder rushed outdoors. It sucked up Ryder, the Patroler, and the pups, except for Everest.

Everest, surprisingly fainted.

The pups and Ryder were in another dimension.

And an evil dog sorcerer wants to destroy his own dimension?!

Find out what happens next episode of Snow and Ice!

The Beginning Part 2

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