(Ryder Notices That Katie Has Not Been Seen For 2 Weeks. it Turns Out She Was Abducted By Aliens.

Ryder And Chase Then Get Abducted And Sent To Another Planet. The Same Fate As Katie)

Chase: Rubble, You Need A Bath.

Rubble: No I Don't...

(it starts to rain dead birds)

Rubble: ok fine.

(later at Katie's)

(Ryder enters)

Ryder: hello? Anyone here? No?

Ryder: that's the 21st time she's been gone. We shouled probably see if she's still here.

(aliens are spying on him)

(Ryder goes to his bedroom and falls asleep

(At 2:30 Am...)

(Aliens Open Ryder's Window)

(the aliens steal Ryder)

(at 3:00 Am..)

(Chase Gets Abducted As Well)

(At 6:00 Am) (in earth time)

(ryder and chase wake up)

Ryder: where are we?

Chase: I don't know, why are we floating?

Ryder: (looks out a window) We Are In Space. but I Can't

see Earth Through Any of the windows.

Chase: we must be in interstellar space then.

(knock knock)

Ryder: who is it?

Katie: Me, Katie.

Ryder: (opens door) (gasps) it is you!

Katie: Ryder, would you like to know why I've been gone?

Ryder: yes

Katie: aliens abducted me, but they're friendly and I have grown to some of their customs. They are going to take us on a tour of there home planet, Azoulous, I even speak their language.

(6 hours later)

Katie: we are here.

Katie: you Know how our planet is 75% water?

Katie: theirs is 35%

Katie: And Their Planet Is 2x bigger then ours. They even have 3 moons.

Katie: One Moon Is Elipcticaus, About 10% The Size Of Our Moon,

Katie: Then, Hellia, About 3/4 the size of our earth, with a super thick amnposhere,

The Surface Roasting At 800 F, But It Has Vast Cloud Cities.

Katie: Then Ukusun, Whinch Is Covered It Metal Like Copper At Iron And Even Gold.

Theyve Even Made Mineshafts.

Alien: buyfede?

Ryder: can you translate?

Katie: He Said If We Wanted To Know Why He Brought Us Here.

Ryder: I'd like to know, actually.

Katie: edge ft.

Alien: enysxdfhjxfewfhub yesuuwdrehudgjhufwes sense

Katie: he said because earth is in danger.

Katie: we have landed on their planet.

Ryder: ask them if they could bring The pups too.

Katie: crfce cosmoos hadji alumni on?

Alien: jus sum

(alien leaves to get the pups)

(sorry if you didn't understand)

Katie: so... We have to start a lifestyle on this new planet. Theres one continent that hasnt been claimed by the aliens and maybe we could live there

(The Pups Are Delivered)

Ryder: that was quick.

Chase: it was.

Katie: (asking the alien) grtcjhechh eeurid marker Govomntdhwzud?

Alien: djw Jew kneel

Katie: I asked him if we can start a new human civilization on the continent and he said yes.

Alien: rcjmdrf.

Katie: he will bring us to the new continent. And the place where the goverment and first town will be made.

(1 hour later)

Katie: we are here.

Katie: The Aliens Gave Us Wind Powered Chainsaws To Chop Down Trees, Bolts And A Hi Tech Wrench, As Well As Building Supplies.

Ryder: This Contient Is A Vast Plain And Forest.

Ryder: Some Of It Desert.

Ryder: I Think I Know What To Name The First Town.

Chase: What Do You Think?

Katie: What Do You Think Ryder?

Ryder: Jeuralsm.

(The Verses In Genisis Go Through Her Mind)

(Katie Holds Ryder's Hand)

(Ryder Gets A Small Tad Red)

Katie:'Come On. Lets Build.

Chase: (thinking) eww

(more coming soon)

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