In this video game adventure, you join Penelope's cousin's cousins, the Lollipop Sisters, in their adventures to become cooking-pups and stop the scheme of their evil brother.


Far away from Adventure Bay, there is a valley called Orchid Valley. The valley is well-known for having different soils all over the place so different crops can be grown everywhere. Young cooks from all over come to Orchid Valley to practice their cooking skills, including 3 sisters pups (Strawberry Swirlie, Berry Twist, and Rainbow Whirly) known as the Lollipop Sisters, who are cousins to Penelope's cousin. They dream of being cooking-pups as they become apprentices for the great chef of the valley, Pops the dog.

In the story, you play as Rainbow Whirly, the youngest of the sisters, who is too young to use stuff in the kitchen, according to her sisters. Rainbow Whirly attempts to prove them wrong by collecting ingredients and even making desserts.

However, their jealous and evil brother, Baby Bottle, comes to the valley to get revenge on his big sisters. Join the adventures of the Lollipop Sisters to accomplish their dream and stop their evil brother.


  • The Lollipop Sisters
    • Strawberry Swirlie (Tritagonist)
    • Berry Twist (Deutagonist)
    • Rainbow Whirly (Protagonist)
  • Baby Bottle (Antagonist)
  • Pops (Mentor)
  • (More coming soon)



Throughout most of the game, you play as Rainbow Whirly. You are able to play as the other two sisters in the cooking mini-games. Berry Twist collects the ingredients and place them inside while Strawberry Swirlie mixes the ingredients together and cooks them up.

(More coming soon)

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