Tetra is an OC made for me for my Birthday by Betta-girl11, (She was made back on my birthfay/october 21st I just never got around to using her)

Apperance Edit

Tetra is a Burmese mountain dog. Shes mostly black with brown right under her jaws and a spot on her chest. On her front paws she has 'leg warmer' shaped brown spots above her short white socks. Her back legs have brown on the front and white on the back. Her tail is floppy with white on the bottom but mostly black

She wears a Light blue vest with a dark blue zipper, collar and accents

Personality Edit

When shes around pups she doesent know or doesent like shes a bit of a hot head, shes pushy about her opinion and doesent turn down from a fight but when shes around pups she likes and her good friends shes pretty silly and playfull

Bio Edit

As a pup she was kind and playfull but her parents where both incredibly rude and pushy. Not twards her but they always taught her to push untill she gets her way and not back down. Thats what shaped that aspect of her personality. Her parents loved her very much but after her mother was killed by a hunter her Father had to care for her by himself. Not feeling like he would be a good enough care taker he left her on the front step of a house where she met her long time friend Bently lived. From him she learned to let herself lose and be silly but she never did embrace it completely leaving her with the personality her parents stamped in her being her main one.

Trivia Edit

Catchprases Edit


Pup Pack Edit

  • Notepad for writing down bulletpoint
  • Camera
  • Microphone

Vehicle Edit

She drives a reporters Van

Random Edit

  • She is Theos Trainee
  • She and Theo engoy messing around with there cameras on there spare time taking selfies or random six second videos

Crush Edit

One day when she and Theo where out on a mission when she ran into DJ, not falling completely for him instantly but having some slight feelings for him she decided to go and visit him after her missions and on her free time. After a while she fell for the Husky

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