Despite her fear of germs, Teri still gets along with others. She is one of the main protagonists of A Tale From The Woods.


Teri was once the daughter of a doctor who worked well in Katie's clinic (before Katie moved in). Her mother told her about how germs spread diseases and they can make someone very sick, and maybe even die. Her mother was working on curing a patient that had a bad case of the fuzzy virus. The virus got into her mother's body and killed her horribly. Teri ran away and decided to hang out with two other pups named Luke and Scattorshot.


Teri is a yellowmatian with yellow fur, black spots, black ears, a black tail, a black patch over her left eye, and blue eyes. She wears a white, gray, and dark gray uniform, a white helmet with a light on it, and a black collar with a white tag with a spray bottle on it, a reference to Teri the paper bear.

Vehicle and Pup PackEdit

Teri, like the PAW Patrol, has a dog house that transforms into a vehicle. It transforms into an ambulance similar to Marshall's, but with a white and black color scheme.

Teri also has a pup pack, which she uses to try and stop germs. It is equipped with a spray bottle and a sponge.


  • Keep your friends close and your germs as far away as possible!
  • I'm ready to stop those germs!

Voice ActressEdit

Teresa Gallagher (voice of Teri in The Amazing World Of Gumball)


  • Teri is said to be as weak as paper.
  • Teri is skilled at origami.
  • Teri has a crush on Scattorshot.
  • Teri is inspired by Teri from The Amazing World Of Gumball.

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