Taxi and Tod are based off my stuffed animals Taxi and Tod. They belong to Sarah the FBI pup also known as Levatheshapeshifter on deviantart. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!

Info Edit

Taxi and Tod are a couple of house pets that live in the town of adventure bay. They are mates and have three sons and a daughter; Pup, Flip, Gereth, and Skylar.

Taxi: Taxi is very good natured and kind. She can be a bit competitive at times, but other wise she is very laid back. She talks in a southern accent and hates being made fun of because of it. She knows the laws of the street from the fact that she was once a street dog, and is quite the force to be reckoned with.

Tod: Tod was once a big town dog show champion. But unlike other show dogs, he learned nothing but manners from his time in the big top. He is not obsessed over purity, and will hang out with any dog that is nice. He is very polite and has never once been rude. He expects much of his pups, but is never too pushy. He talks in a British accent.

Appearance Edit

Taxi: Taxi is a ashy grey color. Her snout is is an even more dark color, but her chest, legs, neck, and underside of tail is white. She has chocolate brown eyes. She wears a white and fusia colored collar.

Tod: Tod is what you might call a 'Tuxedo dog'. His white and black fur makes him look like he is wearing a suit. But his black fur glitters in the sunlight and actually makes it look blue. He has blue eyes.He wears a dark purple collar.

Trivia Edit

  • Taxi is the best digger around

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