Appearance Edit

He is a Orange Cat With White "Markings" On him. He has a White Muzzle along with Paws and inside of his ears and Has a Pink nose. Instead of a Collar he wears a Blue shirt that says Ubi Petz that Represents Soccer And has Orange Eyes.

Personality Edit

Target Is Brave and a Happy Go Lucky Kitty. He is Athletic And loves to Play Soccer. He sometimes Gets Irritated by his little Sister's because they always annoy him sometimes. He Always Wanted a Little Brother But Never Got one. He is Always Responsible and Protective to his Little Sister's.

Bio Edit


Trivia Edit

  • His Name was Named After the Store Target.
  • He is the Only Boy and is the Oldest out of his Siblings .
  • He has a Crush on KitKat
  • He has 5 little Sisters named Glamour, Pepper, Leona, Tabitha, and Dazzle.
  • He has a Ex-Girlfriend named Fiesta.

Catchphrases : Edit

  • "Target's my Name, Soccer's my Game"!
  • "All in Favor If you wanna make a Gooooaaalll! Say I, I!"
  • "Let's go work Hard and play hard"!

Fear(s) : Edit

  • Snakes
  • Skunks
  • Fireworks

Known Family: Edit

  • Glamour- Sister
  • Pepper- Sister
  • Leona : Sister
  • Tabitha-Sister
  • Dazzle-Sister
  • Mexico-Father
  • Tummy Stuffer-Mother
  • Fiesta-Ex-Girlfriend
  • KitKat-Girlfriend/Mate

Stories He appears in Edit

Stories by me : Edit

Stories by Others : Edit

Voice Actors Edit

Young : Anthony Ghannam- Voice of Ronno from Bambi 2

Teen : TBD

Gallery Edit

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