Tana is Skye's little sister and aviator like Skye. Tana belong to SunnyPuppy45.


Personality Edit

Tana is a very fun and hyperactive pup. She loves to play and jump around a lot. She can get shy at times, like when meeting new pups. She is very fun and funny. Tana loves to play with Skye and Shira. When she gets hurt, she cries very loud. When she is bullied she doesn't want to fight back but does anyway. When she is attacked she does the same as she will do when she is bullied or hurt. She is also super kind hearted too. She likes to give pups thing as a gift.

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Appearance Edit

Tana is a tan cockapoo. Her ears and tail are like Skye's. She has a light tan color on her Chest and belly. She has light brown on her ear tips, front paws, tail, and around her eyes. She has a patch of fur that covers her right eye. She has Hetrochromia- her right eye is pink and her left eye is light blue. her collar is indigo. Her tag is blue with a cloud on it.

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Pup-Pack Edit

  • Wings like Skye's pup pack


She has a helicopter like Skye, with all the same features.


"I'm your eyes in the sky!"


Tana was best friends with Candle. She noticed that they are getting closer and closer to each other, she then start to gain a crush on him.

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