Tala owns her own knitting store

Bio Edit

Her parents adopted her to be their daughter. Her mother taught her how to sew,knit and crochet. She picked up very fast and soon opened her own shop The Knit Stitch. It isn't a very big shop but it isn't tiny. She has regular customers that she loves to see.

Appearance Edit

She is a black and silver mini schnauzer She has boots on her front paws and anklets on her back paws. She has a little bit of silver around her nose. She wears a leather collar with a ball of yarn on it.

Personality Edit

Tala is sweet and kind. She is also very loving and kind. She loves helping her customers and always takes the time to help them.

Job Edit

She works at The Knit Stitch.

Uniform Edit

She doesn't really have one she does carry around a satchel with yarn, needles and a scarf just in case.

Crush Edit

She has a crush on Vulcan and she doesn't know that Vulcan is crushing back on her.

Trivia Edit

  • Whenever she sees a stray pup she while give it the scarf in her bag or knit a new one
  • She loves all her customers but her favorite is Oceania whom she orders water proof wool for.
  • It took her 30 lessons and 1 month to teach Oceania how to knit and 1 week to teach Oceania how to purl
  • She can actually make a dress and other garments that she sells but she runs out of them most times because they are so popular so she spends most of her time ordering in new yarn and knitting those outfits.
  • She is great friends with Cerberus and they love to knit together. But they will never date.
  • She is also great friends with Twili and loves the pup to pieces. She let her make two small classrooms in the back for her own classes.
  • She was inspired for a new dress design when Twili sprouted flowers on yarn. She created a dress with flowers on it and it is a best seller.
  • Another of her friends is Trudy as they both love arts.
  • She has a little stuffed calico cat she made and can't sleep without it.
  • When in her almost teens she gets a pet calico cat called Pickles.

Gallery Edit

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