this pup is by Aurychase but now is of USS HERO

all here will be change


Garig is a Beagle mix and a Pomeranian mix. She is also the pup Alex Porter. Alex was right to choose it. Alex's grandfather took him to the dog pound to choose a pup as a birthday gift. Alex, despite convinced from the beginning to take a male, chose a girl, the prettiest: Taiga. Once you get to Alex's house, she saw the work of Mr. Porter and so eventually decided that would help as a cook-pup and waitress. was presented to the Paw Patrol and Ryder made her a uniform and a personal vehicle for deliveries.


a pupp is similar to a Pomeranian. but the short hair, except on the tail. the ears are down as a beagle.He has the head and ears tan. all thighs are light brown and even the tip of the tail. the back she has a large black spot that also includes tail. the rest of the body (neck, face, chest, belly, the rest of the legs) are white. she is some little and is small but has short legs and tiny. fairly dramatic one can say that is a small beagle.


a happy and adorable puppy.He loves his job and wants to satisfy his customers.It is very organized and disciplined and fairly quiet.He not shy and takes out his playful side with Alex.He loves the environment and all that surrounds her



Equipment and Gadjets


Story of her life



young: Patrizia Mottola (Aleu/ Balto: wolf quest) [italian voice]

adult: Patrizia Mottola (Aleu/ Balto: wolf quest) [italian voice]


  • she is the pup Alex Porter.
  • she isn't really member of the Paw Patrol
  • She had a crush Tracker, but did not feel ready for a relationship so far
soon more..


20150423 142809

the old sketch of Taiga. in that time the name was Nelly. soon i will post the new pic^^

20150423 142812

old sketch of the uniform. at that time i tought to make her a forest-pup. but then i hear the news of Tracker. so i changed her

soon more

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