Rocky meets Star, Kaltag and Nikki outside the FIB Headquarters. Kaltag explains that the FIB are interrogating Peg, the Dog Rocky attempted to identify at the coroner's office. Kaltag orders Rocky to extract Kerimov from the IAA Headquarters before he informs the IAA agents of the FIB's corrupt actions. Rocky refuses, but Kaltag uses his position as star's superior to coerce Rocky and Star into performing the task.

Rocky and Star were Taken to an FIB warehouse in East Los Santos. During the drive, Rocky phones Zuma and asks him to meet them at the warehouse. Star tells Rocky to call Marshall, but he just gets shocked, so Star explains that they called him previously. The duo arrive at the warehouse, where Rocky introduces Zuma and Marshall to each other, before explaining their task. Marshall will be flying the helicopter to the IAA building, Rocky will perform the extraction while Zuma will provide support for Rocky using a sniper rifle.

Marshall and Rocky get in the helicopter and fly to the IAA building. When they arrive, Zuma is already perched on the roof of the Arcadius Business Center opposite the building. As Marshall hovers overhead, Rocky rappels down the building and finds Peg being tortured by IAA agents. Rocky breaks the office window and grabs Peg whilst holding a gun to his suit. The agents point their weapons at Rocky, prompting Zuma to kill them. With the first wave of agents clear, Zuma hoists Rocky and Peg up while Franklin kills the remaining agents. Once Michael and Peg are in the helicopter, some IAA helicopters appear. Zuma kills one pilot, while Rocky kills the others. After the helicopters have been taken down, Zuma leaves, while Marshall flies back to the FIB warehouse. When they land, Rocky hands Peg to some FIB agents, who bundle her into the back of a van and drive off. Rocky and Marshall split up and the mission concludes.


  • Rocky
  • Zuma
  • Marshall
  • Kaltag
  • Star
  • Peg
  • Nikki (Cameo)

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