Rubble and Finder (NPPC) show up at Zuma's house. Rubble tells Zuma to come along to "pick up something from around the corner". asks why they can't drive instead, but Rubble insists that they walk.

Around the corner is Rubble's white-colored Pup-size van. The three get in and Rubble tells Zuma to drive to Vinewood Boulevard.

After they reach their destination, they walk into an alley, where they find D chatting with a woman. Before being spotted, Zuma and Rubble both cover their faces with green bandanas. D notices them and a hostile conversation initiates. Rubble finally pulls out his pistol from his suit and aims it at D, who responds by taking off on his motorcycle, almost hitting the two in the process.

Zuma and Rubble quickly get back into Rubble's pu van and start chasing after D. Zuma is doubtful about catching up with the speeding human motorcyclist.

After chasing through the Simmet Alley, D is hit by a bus, throwing him off the bike. He then runs off through a city bus terminal. Zuma and Finder jump out the van and the chase ensues on foot.

The chase continues into a railyard. Zuma loses the trail. Finder sniffs out D. During the search, Finder gets beat up by boys, much to Zuma's chagrin. Eventually, the two continue their search and find D hiding inside a boxcar. D jumps out and runs off again, but Zuma after him. After a short chase Zuma manages to bite D, forcing him to the ground.

Zuma apprehends D and Rubble arrives with the van. After being forced into the van, D recognizes Rubble by his voice and the back of his head. There's some brief dialogue about D remembering Rubble and Zuma from when they were little.

Zuma takes the drivers seat and they drive back towards Rubble's house. During the ride, Rubble makes a ransom call to the Ballas from his cell phone and demands $40,000 for D. Franklin tells Rubble that the Ballas will be able to trace the cell phone and will know where they are now. Zuma tosses the phone out of the truck and forces Rubble to let D go. Franklin then drives to the BJ Smith Recreational Center to drop off Rubble and Finder.

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