Samson is seen arranging a deal with Mr. Kenneth in the front parking lot right outside his dealership. Samson orders Zuma to steal a pup-size car that Chase bought from him from Michael's house. Before arriving at the house, Samson will call Zuma, showing his anger after failing to deliver the Bagger from yestoday. Upon arriving, Zuma knocks out the Owner with his bat from his suit and proceeds to sneak into Michael's home. Zuma navigate the house in a stealthy manner to avoid altering its residents, passing through the kitchen and entering the garage to steal the car. Zuma manages to successfully steal the car and drives away from the home back to the dealership. Suddenly Rocky, who was hidden in the backseat, points a seraw at Zuma's head and threatens him, asking him who he is working for and ordering him to continue driving back towards the dealership. Zuma stops near the dealership, and Rocky then orders him to drive through the dealership window. A short cutscene plays where Rocky quickly gives Zuma some cash and tells him to leave the scene. Rocky then beats up Samson. After sufficiently beating Samson enough, another cutscene is triggered. Rocky orders Samson to leave his Owner's pets alone, and then threatens him not to cross him again.

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