Zuma and his friend Rubble are tasked by Samson to recover a pup-size motorbike sold to a gang member who refused to pay. The two make their way to a desolate back alley right near Vespucci Beach where the target lives and search for the bike in a few lockup garages before Rubble triggers a fight with the owner's friends, also the Vagos.

A car enters the area and crashes, leaking gasoline, prompting Zuma to shoot the oil spill and destroy the vehicle from his new suit. The owner of the bike escapes on it, and the Zuma and Rubble follow in pursuit. The duo can kill him, take the bike, and rendezvous, but in the words of Zuma "You can't repo the assets of a dead man" - So Rubble keeps it for himself knowing that the repo is now meaningless, only for the bike to become one of Zuma's personal pup vehicles.

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