Rocky goes to the Backlot City movie studio to meet Mr. Percival. Mr. Percival complains to Rocky that Elvis Cridlington, one of the stars of Mr. Percival' upcoming film Meltdown has received a new agent, Norman Price, and is holding out for more money. The film's director, Fireman Samuel "Sam" Jones, is also causing problems, having a mental breakdown and refusing to begin production. Mr. Percival asks Rocky to talk to the star and director and convince them to return to the film. Rocky agrees.

Rocky drives to the location in East Los Santos where Normen, Cridlington, and Firemen Sam are holed up. On the way, Mr. Percival calls Rocky and tells him that Normen is expecting trouble and so will quickly move the star and director if he detects any intruders. Rocky agrees to go in stealthily. After reaching the location, a cinematic sequence shows a Frogger landing on the location's roof, after which Normem tells Cridlington and Firemen Sam that he needs to take care of a few things and then they will leave. Rocky sneaks into the building and up to the roof, either avoiding or using stealth attacks on the various employees working there. Once Rocky arrives on the roof, Normen reappears. He and Rocky fight. When Rocky has defeated Normen, Rocky enters the helicopter with Sam and Cridlington.

Rocky tells Firmen Sam and Cridlington why he is there. The actor and director both state they won't be intimidated. Rocky pilots the helicopter erratically to convince the two to change their mind. After that, Rocky flies them back to Backlot City where Firmen Sam and Cridlington speak to Mr. Percival and agree to go back to work.


  • Rocky
  • Mr. Percival
  • Norman Price
  • Firmen Sam
  • Elvis Cridlington

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