Rocky, Zuma, and Marshall meet Mr. Percival and Molly Schultz at a construction site in Alta. Mr. Percival wants the pups to steal a blue Cheetah and an orange Entity XF from two trust fund human kids (Really Adults). Mr. Percival tells Rocky and Marshall to dress up as San Andreas Highway Patrol dogs while Zuma takes a F620 to find the marks.

Zuma drives to a gas station along the Senora Freeway where he challenges the kids to a race. The race heads north up the Freeway. When the race passes Grapeseed, Rocky and Marshall follow on police bikes and eventually pull over the speeding trio. Rocky and Marshall force the kids from their cars. Rocky then calls Schultz who tells them to drop the cars at Hayes Autos. The three pups race back to the auto repair shop. There, Mr. Percival thanks them for their efforts, but tells them that they will only be paid when all the cars have been collected.


  • Rocky
  • Marshall
  • Zuma
  • Mr. Percival
  • Molly Schultz
  • Chase (Cancelled)

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