Rocky, Marshall, and Zuma meet up with Kaltag, Star and Nikki at the Murrieta Oil Fields to discuss business. Once there, Kaltag and Star tell the protagonists that the FIB want to rob the IAA. The target: an armored car filled with funds the Agency earned from drug sales. Kaltag wants them to "requisition" those funds for the Bureau. After the agents leave, Rocky comes up with a plan: "classic blitz play." He lays out the general approach, then the team splits up. Soon Rocky makes a conference call to his two partners with more details.

After the three exchange pleasantries, Rocky outlines the plan. Marshall needs to find an elevated perch and serve as the lookout, notifying the other two when the security truck is nearing the site of the attempted robbery so they can block the road.

The job starts with Marshall looking at the oncoming traffic through a pair of binoculars to locate the armored truck. Once he spots it, Rocky in the garbage truck, who maneuvers the vehicle to block the entire street.

When the garbage truck is in place, a cinematic sequence shows the armored truck approaching the roadblock and screeching to a halt. Zuma in a the tow truck coming down an alley. Zuma rams into the target vehicle at full speed. The tow truck tips the armored vehicle on its side.

Zuma walks over and places explosives on the back door of the overturned truck. After detonation, Rocky joins Zuma and the guards emerge with their hands up. The alarm is already sounding, and police sirens scream in the distance. The team doesn't have time to collect all the cash, so they take defensive positions and wait to open fire on the LSPD.

Marshall was perched in an elevated position with a sniper rifle and an RPG, and the other two, who are both armed with machine guns near the truck.

After disposing of several waves of cops, a brief reprieve allows the rest of the crew to escape offscreen and while Zuma escapes to the placed getaway vehicle. He then promptly blows up the garbage truck in order to destroy evidence and gets into the getaway vehicle. After Zuma feels safe, he contacts Rocky and is informed that Rocky is on his way to drop off the score. Rocky drives to the drop-off point. He drops off the bonds and begins to speak with their contact. The contact then persuades Rocky to get his "crew" to collect five cars for him in exchange for him allowing Rocky to work with Solomon Richards and a massive cash payout for each member of the crew.


  • Rocky
  • Marshall
  • Zuma
  • Kaltag
  • Star
  • Solomon Richards
  • Nikki (Does Not Speak)
  • Rubble (Cameo)
  • Scamp (Cameo)
  • Danielle (Cameo)

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