Rocky comes home to watch movies while eating, them Tundra throws his cigar in his food and they talk about Marshall. Skiff soon comes in and encourages Rocky to join them. Tundra protests, but Rocky agrees. Together, the three move outside where Skiff leads Rocky through three yoga poses. After these three, Skiff them tried to lick Tundra's butt. Enraged, Rocky attempts to kill Skiff who dodges, causing Rocky to fall into the pool. Skiff Langhs at Rocky and he and Tundra leave.

Quite upset, Rocky goes to find Chase. Chase is reluctant to spend time with his Brother, but eventually agrees. Phill takes the two to a KFC to pick up some Taw from Chase's Human friend Ahron Ward. The buy goes smoothly, but on their way back home, Rocky drinks a soda which turns out to have been drugged by Chase. Chase forces his Brother out of the car and drives off while someone puts Rocky into a sack. Rocky suffers massive hallucinations, including being surrounded by angry chimps and abducted by aliens before being dropped midair over Los Santos, resulting in a massively multicolored freefall.

When Rocky finally wakes. He rushes back home. In the kitchen, he discovers a note from Skye explaining that she and the others have left for a while since they can't stand Rocky's naughty antics.


  • Rocky
  • Chase
  • Skye
  • Tundra
  • Skiff
  • Phill

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