Star asks Rocky to meet him at the Galileo Observatory. During the meeting, Rocky confesses that he robbed the Vangelico store with Zuma and dares Star to arrest him, to allow Star to gain extra credit with the FIB.

Star refuses. Instead, he asks Rocky for a favor. Ferdinand Kerimov, an informant and suspected terrorist, has been declared dead by the IAA, but the FIB believe he's being "debriefed" somewhere. Star wants Rocky to enter the morgue in Strawberry and confirm that Kerimov is indeed dead. Because the IAA has the morgue secured, Rocky must sneak in. Star facetiously remarks that Rocky should have no trouble "playing dead", before knocking him out with a Nightstick. With Rocky slipping out of conciousness, Star quickly informs him to call him when he regains conciousness.

In the morgue, Rocky regains conciousness in a Black Bay. The bag soon sides him out and two medical examiners begin preparing Rocky's body for autopsy. Rocky surprises the examiners, choking one while the other runs away. A guard soon appears who Rocky can take down with a sneak attack. Rocky then checks the corpses in the morgue. He discovers one with Kerimov's name on the toe tag, but the body is of a black woman, and is obviously not Kerimov. Rocky calls Star to relay the news. Star tells Rocky he must escape the morgue.

At this point, more guards appear. Rocky must get his way through the first floor and up to the second where he retrieves his suit with weapons. From there, Rocky must shoot out a window and jump into a dumpster below. Rocky must then evade the cops, after which he calls Zuma and asks him to meet at the oil derricks in El Burro Heights. Once there, Rocky urges Zuma to flee Los Santos, warning him that the FIB will soon put Zuma's life in danger. Zuma states that Rocky has helped him, and so he will help Rocky. Rocky thanks Zuma for his loyalty.


  • Rocky
  • Zuma
  • Star

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