At the De Santa household, Rocky is eating dog food and finds a dead bee belonging to Chase in the fridge. At that point, Phill enters and, believing the bee to be Rocky's, begins arguing with Rocky to go to bed. Skiff appears to greet Tundra, making her angry, before Chase appears looking for his Dog food. Rocky confronts Chase, which leads to another argument. The tension is broken by the arrival of Marshall, which shocks everyone, especially Rocky, who believed Marshall to be dead.

Marshall and Rocky just hugged each other with joy and tears before Marshall noticing that Skye is not in the house. Chase says she is auditioning for the Fame or Shame talent show. Marshall and Rocky drive to the Maze Bank Arena, where they find Lazlow Jones about to present Skye to the show's three judges. Skye performs an erotic dance and Lazlow joins in, which infuriates Rocky and Marshall. The duo crash the audition, before Lazlow flees the Arena with Rocky and Marshall in pursuit.

Marshall and Rocky emerge to find their car towed away, so they hijack a Phantom to chase Lazlow who attempts to escape in his red Dilettante. Rocky and Marshall follow Lazlow through Los Santos, eventually cornering him when his car's battery runs out in the Los Santos Storm Drain. Marshall forces Lazlow to dance without his pants on and warns him not to touch Skye again. Lazlow agrees and runs away. Afterwards, Rocky and Marshall part ways. Rocky calls Star while Marshall drives away in the Phantom that they hijacked earlier. Star tells Rocky to meet him at the Galileo Observatory as soon as possible.


  • Rocky
  • Marshall
  • Chase
  • Tundra
  • Skye
  • Skiff
  • Phill
  • Lazlow Jones
  • Scamp (Cameo)
  • Danielle (Cameo)

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