Marshall comes home to his trailer and sees Scamp and Danielle coming up to him and apologising, only for Marshall to punch Them off his front porch and ask if he found Rocky. Scamp tells Marshall that two "Rockys" live in Los Santos, but neither matches Marshall's description (one is a Railway crane). However, a puppy of the same age named Rocky, who live with three other puppies named Chase, Skye and Tundra matches Marshall's description. Marshall "congratulates" Scamp and Danielle (by punching them again for "withholding information" from him), and tells Tramp and Lady to take control of his business while he, Scamp and Danielle were in Los Santos. Marshall, Scamp and Danielle drive to Stab City, The Husky Team's trailer park, with Scamp giving Marshall the weapons he asked for previously. Marshall sneaks around the trailer park, killing Husky Team members and planting several Sticky Bombs on the trailers. Once he has planted the bombs, he detonates them, destroying the trailer park. Marshall leaves the park and drives to Los Santos with Scamp and Danielle. When they reach Vinewood Hills, Marshall pulls over and climbs to the top of a hillside. Now overlooking the city, Marshall tells Rocky that he is coming for him, before He, Scamp and Danielle drive to Vespucci Beach, where they take refuge in an apartment owned by Danielle's Old Friend, Mikey, and his fiancée.

Characters Edit

  • Marshall
  • Tramp
  • Scamp
  • Danielle
  • Lady (Does Not Speck)
  • Annette (Cameo)
  • Collette (Cameo)

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