Chris: last time on Total Drama, our contestants had a scuba diving challenge in which they had to grab a crate and take out the ammo to shoot the targets, the maggots won and the rats eliminated Jamie, thank goodness, who will go home right now on, Total, Drama, REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!


In rats cabin

Brutus: we lost cause of her, so unbelievable

Eve: yeah, we've lost every challenge, we need to step up our game

Lucas: YEAH! (eats a handful of candy)

Brutus: can I have some?

Lucas: yeah sure!

Brutus: thanks dude

Lucas: yeah no problem

Dirge: I sure hope we can win this challenge

Brutus: we will don't worry, we got it in the bag!

In maggots cabin

Cody: we keep winning!

Mike: yeah it is awesome!

Timothy: if we keep winning the rats will be completely eliminated like team victory in world tour

Proton: I don't think we will be able to do that

Mike: lets just try our best

Chris: challenge time newbs

Mike: were not really that new anymore its been 5 episodes

Scott: exactly

Chris: welcome to todays challenge, you must dress a wild animal and our original contestant, Tundra will rate them

Tundra: yep I will

Chris: SO GO!

Scott: geez man calm down

Mike: what should we use

Cody: the yeti!

Mike: the what?

Cody: the yeti, over there!

Proton: you're crazy

Cody: I'm mad at Lucas, he took all the candy with him

Mike: don't worry about that, worry about winning

Mike runs over to the yeti

Mike: be a good yeti

The yeti yells

Scott: RUN!

With rats

Brutus: what should we use


Eve: no, something that wont attack

Dirge: they used a yeti

Brutus: they're obviously not smart


Brutus: I said it so you can hear me

Dirge: how about we use a bear?

Brutus: unless you want to die, you can do it

Dirge: never mind that then

Lucas: AH HAH!

Eve: what?!

Lucas: guys my friend apple

Brutus: let me guess he's a apple

Lucas: no! He's a bear

Dirge: good going lucas!

They run to where apple lives

With the maggots

Scott: did we lose him?

Cody: I hope so!

Timothy: by the power of my spells I make the yeti appear

Proton: it isn't there

The yeti steps on cody

Cody: its on me!

Scott: calm down buddy

The yeti falls asleep

Cody: nice, now get him off me

Mike (breathes)

Vito: aye yo, back off

He picks up the yeti and brings it to a tree

Mike (breathes)

Mike: what the

Cody: good job Mike

They start painting him

Timothy throws mud on him

Mike: eww dude what is that

Timothy: mud!


They all come back

Tundra: I like the rats better!


Brutus: YEAH!!

Eve: high paw

They high paw

Mike: good job timothy

Timothy: my work here is done

Chris: maggots, elimination

Timothy: nope I'm quitting

Chris: ok, they would have voted you out anyways lol

He gets on with Tundra

Tundra: do I really have to ride this

Chris: yep!

They get flung

Tundra: this isn't so bad!

Chris: it isn't huh, 8 remain and who will be our next soaring bird next time on TOTAL DRAMA REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!

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