Mia: welcome to total drama, cast reunion I am you're host, Mia, and I will be showing you what will be happening tonight, our total drama friends will win grammy awards for their perfect effort on making a dramatic season right todd?

Todd: that is correct Mia, they put in hard work to make TDI and TDA (this is before TDWT,TDROTI and TDAS)

Mia: so where are they now you ask, well Matt will show you!

Matt: they are right outside in the entrance to the studio!

They take you into the studio, and all the boys are in one room and girls in another

Ryan: tuxedos, what is this a wedding?

Robert: no, it's our day to become even more famous!

Kiki: this doesn't even fit me

Blizzard: neither does mine, I demand a refund!

Jared: they were free

Blizzard: oh so they were huh

Jared: uh, yeah

Porter: what are we even getting, a good job, I haven't done all of this for a useless good job

Austin: were getting awards

Kiki: GOLD?!?!

Rocky: gold isn't even the best

Chase: yeah platinum is

Colin: I don't care what is best, I just think we should get something

Ryan: quiet pipsqueak

Colin: can we at least be bros for once

Ryan: maybe, depends

Marshall: on what?

Ryan: if he gives me his award

Zuma: what are you gonna do with 2 of them?

Ryan: display!

Rubble: I look spiffy

Benny: I look weird

Alex: don't lower you're self esteem

Benny: I don't even know what that is

Alex: don't make yourself look bad, ignore what other people think

Topher: ill never get bad self esteem

Ryder: that isn't helping topher!

On the girls side

Skye: ok tundra you look perfect

Tundra: thanks skye, so were getting awards this is so great!

Penelope: another award to my collection!

Lilac: yep

Shimmer: so, um now what?

Todd: everyone meet outside the doors!

They all gather infront

Austin: I'm so pumped!

Kiki: this is great

Rocky: are you ready

Tundra: yeah!

Ryan pats colin on the shoulder

Colin: your being nice

Ryan: I guess so, for now

Colin: ok that's good enough

Tyler: ok guys settle down let chris get through

Blizzard: SHHHH

They all stop

Chris: where is my coffee?

Kiki runs up to him

Kiki: here!

They all gasp

Tundra: you work for him?

Kiki: I have nothing else to do

Chris: this is a cold coffee

He splashed it in his face

Kiki: HEY!

Chris: oh and by the way i didn't select you guys

Rocky: for?

Chris: the awards

Austin: WHAT?!?!

Ryan: you've got to be kidding me!


Porter: this isn't fair

Johana: excuse me!

She pushes Jared

Jared: what the

Chris: hello johana aka new assistant

He slams the doors

Chase: were, not popular now

Kiki: this is unfair

He grabs the tv and throws it

Austin: calm down dude

Zuma: dude i don't like this, I'm going

Rocky: me to

Tyler: WAIT!

They stop

Tyler: you guys were great, don't stop because you were cheated out! You guys can do this!

Austin: YEAH!

Ryder: we need a plan, me Robert,Kiki,Chase,Lilac,Zuma,Topher and Shimmer will stay out here ok, you guys go in!

They run in while those 7 stay out

Chase: oh boy

Austin: THERE!

They run into the room

Tundra: balloons!?


Blizzard: NO

Chris: YEP!

Chase: WHAT THE!

Matt: chris just announced season 3!

Ryder: noo!

Robert: aww man!


Todd: here are your grammy awards

Kiki: this is less annoying thanks man!

Chase: SWEET!

Ryder: its so cool!

Chris: ok you 7 you will sit on the sidelines!

Kiki: i don't care i got myself a grammy award

Chris goes to the others, they're in a tent at Total drama action's location

Chris: ok you guys along with Tyler and Johana will be in TOTAL DRAMA WORLD TOUR!

Blizzard: woo

Ryan: alright!

Chris: so what will happen next season for TOTAL DRAMA WORLD TOUR!!!!

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