This is my Entry into Tysonthedaredevilpups Trainee Contest, A Trainee for Tyson, I have had the idea in my head for a while now

Apperance Edit

She is an almost completely charcol/dark grey husky, the tips of her ears and tail have white/light grey markings on them and she has a big long fluff of hair on her head that she brushes to she side and dyed the tips bright pink (the fluff itself is light grey/white)

She wears a denim jacket and a purple jetpack. She also has a pair of black lether gloves that she wears and a purple helmet that Tyson makes her wear when traingin (ON her own time she refuses to wear it)

Personality Edit

Think of a mix of season 1 rainbow dash and gilda, shes a bit more downplayed than Gilda but still as full of herself. She is very competitive and a very sore loser. She has alot of self confidence, Shes mischevious sometimes but usualy stays with being kinda mean and brash.

Bio Edit


Trivia Edit

Pup Pack Edit

  • It has a hook that she can use to catch on things and make quick turns
  • It also works as a Jet-Pack for ticks

Vehicle Edit


Catchprases Edit


Fears Edit


Random Edit

  • She blows of traning slot saying she doesent have time for 'Ameture Tricks" even though she loves doing tricks

Crush Edit


Stories Edit

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