Short Sotry #7   

Remember, no part 2s, 3s, 4s, ect for my short stories! :) Enjoy.

One morning...........

Paige was going up the lookout to get her unifrom. But when she got upstairs.....

Ryder: (jumps out) RAHHHH!


Ryder: Ha ha ha ha! Gotcha!

Paige: (grabbes her uniform and gets in the elivator) SO MAD AT YOU!!!

Ryder: Ha ha ha!



Paige (narrating): Of course I knew it was a joke, cause hey, im a teaching pup! What dont I know? BUT I ALWAYS GOT THE LAST LAUGH!!!!! Then I remembered! Ryder has a big appointment! And he was taking a nap. I just had to have some sweet revenge!

Paige: (grabbes a marker) Lets do this!

In Ryders room........

Paige: Im dead if he wakes up.

She stared drawing a mustahe, a beard, a unibrow, but when she went for the glasses.....

Ryder: Huh?

Paige: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! (sprints away)

Ryder: *yawn* Oh well.

2 hours later........

Ryder: AH! What time is it?! OH MAN! I have to go!

Paige: Whait! Whait! RYDER!!!

Ryder: I have to go!

Paige: He was spossed to wash it off. *gulp*

3 hours later......................

Sophie and Paige and Skye were reading a magizene on the bed.

Skye: No, that one.

Ryder: Girls?

Sophie was holding in her laughter, Paige was trying not to grin. Skye just looked shoked.

Ryder: The whole time people at the meeting were staring at me.

Skye: OH MY! I forgot! Flying pratice! (runs off)

Ryder: Anyway, is there something on my face or something?

Sophie: Bye!

Ryder: Wait! What?

Sophie: Oh, I, um, have, to go.

Ryder: Where?

Sophie: Bowling, tennis, swiming, comedy?

Paige: What.

Sophie: Yeah, its this new game, you swim on a tennis ball, bowl, and tell jokes? Anyway bye!

Paige: Oh I almost forgot.....

Ryder: Your not leaving till I get an awnser.

Paige: No, your fine!

Ryder: Im gonna look.

Paige: NO WAIT! Your fine! Really!

Ryder: *GASP* What the....... PAIGE!!!!!

Paige: Oh well, I guess it was worth it! Ha ha! ......... Im gonna go hide.


Skye: Howd it go?

Paige: Does it look like it went good.

Sophie: Nice moustache!


P.S        Please look at my 6 other short stories, Skye gets R I C H!, the bagde thief, esaping your bed, how to fake being sick (fail), and Candys invisibilty power. I cant name the last one. :)

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