Story Edit

( Title card with Ariel appears)

Ariel: Super Pup.

(The episode start with Ryder and Alex are talking about Ariel)

Alex: I mean, I haven't seen her in two weeks. I'm really worried about her. (Crying. )

Ryder: Hey hey. It's going to be okay Alex. We're here for you.

Alex: I know . It's just that I raised her when she was little. She like my daughter to me.

Ryder: It's going to be okay. Cause we'll help you find her.

Alex: You will.

Pups: Yeah. Of course we will. We are your friends right.

Alex: Thanks guys. I know I can count on you.

( Later. )

Alex: So any luck finding her.

Pups: Nope. Nothing. No.

Alex: ( Sigh. ) Okay then. I guess I'll just pack up my stuff and go off into the woods.

Ryder: Wait Alex.

(But Ryder was to late to stop him. He had already gotten on the bus. )

Ryder: We have to find him. Paw Patrol.

Everyone: Is on a roll.

(Later. )

Alex: ( Sigh. )

Ryder: Hey look pups.

Everyone: (Gaps) Alex.

Alex: Huh. Ryder, pups what are you doing here. I belong alone.

Ryder: No you don't belong alone on your own.

Alex: I don't want to go back to Adventure Bay. I want to live alone in the woods.

Rocky: But it's not fun being on your own.

Alex: You know what.

Everyone: What.

Alex: Let's all go find Ariel.

Everyone: Yeah.

(Two hours later. )

Ariel: HELP!

Everyone: Ariel.

Fish Narrator: Two minutes later.

Ariel: Guys up here.

Everyone: (Gasp)

Alex: (Yelling. ) Ariel are you okay.

Ariel: (scared. ) No. Alex I'm scared.

Alex: (Yelling. ) Don't worry help is here. ( Talking) Okay we have to get her down from there. Okay here's the plan. (Whispering)

Fish Narrator: Two hours later.

Ryder: Great plan Alex since it took like two hours to finish it.

Alex: Okay. You all know what to do.

Everyone (expect Alex. ): Yeah.

Alex: Good.


(Ariel falling for the building. )

Ariel: (Screaming. )

Alex: Chase your net.

Chase: Got it. Ruff net.


Ariel: Oh thank you guys for saving me.

Alex: Aw. Your welcome Ariel whenever your in trouble.

Zuma: Just yelp for help.

Ryder: Oh no. They didn't.

Marshall: Oh yes they did.

Everyone laugh.

Ariel: Now that you guys saved me. I guess I should tell you my secret.


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