Chapter 1 The kidnap.'Edit

Timmy,Alex,and the pups are playing in the park when.


Timmy: What was that.

Alex: I don't know but let's go find out.

( Scean Chage )

Freddy: Hmm. This is weid. Uh.

Timmy: Freddy what is it.

Freddy: Look out. ( Faint)

( Then when they woke up they were in a cage in space.)

Alex: Ow. What how did we get in a cage in space.

Hummdinger: Good qustoin my boy but how are going to get out without failing in a black hold. ( Walks away laughing)

Alex: How can we get out and stop him.

Timmy: Don't worry Alex cause I know who to call.

( Scean Chage)

Ariel,Ryder,and the pups are at the lookout when.

Ariel: Hey Timmy what's up.

Timmy: Well.

( Two Hours Later)

Timmy: And that's why I called.

Ariel: Don't worry Timmy we'll be there as soon as we can. No job is to big, no pup is to small. Paw Patrol to the Lookout.

Ryder and Pups: Ariel needs us.

( One scean later)

Chapter 2 The Powers.Edit

Chase: Ready for action Ariel mama.

Ariel: Okay Paw Patrol we really have to move on this one. Alex,and the kids are in a cage in space and if they try to get out they will fail into a black hold.

Everyone but Ariel: ( Gaps)

Skye: But how can we save the SUPER PATROL I mean we don't have super powers.

Ariel: Or do we.

Everyone but Ariel: Huh.

Ariel: Look at these case.

Ryder: It's just a case how can we use a case to save the SUPER PATROL.

Ariel: Shh. It's what's inside the case.

( She opens the case and there are baggs)

Everyone: Woah cool awesome.

Zuma: But they're just baggs how can they help us.

Ariel: Put them on you and watch it.

( So they did as she said)

Chase: Now what.

Ariel: Just watch.

( The baggs begain to glow )

Ryder: What's go on.

Everyone: Ahh.

( They no longer just the Paw Patrol now they are the SUPER PAW PATROL.)

Everyone: NO WAY.

Ryder: This is AWESOME.

Ariel: I don't want to say I told you so but I told you so.

Ryder: So, do we got super powers.

Ariel: Uh. YEAH.

Zuma: Cool. So what kind of super powers do we got.

Ariel: Well. There's super spead,super stogth , super singing, flying, laser bames, ice power, fire power, invisalb,and all of the powers.

Chapter 3 The rescue begins. Edit

Ryder: Wow! This is awesome!

Zuma: I know dude. I know.

Ariel: There they are. Hang on guys.

Alex and the kids: Ariel!

Humdinger: Well. So, glad for you pups to "drop in". Tabby use the ray.

Everest: Oh no.

Tabby: No Humdinger let them go.

Chapter 4 The end or is it? Edit

Humdinger: Never. * push the button on the ray. *

Pups, Ryder, and Tabby: * gasp*

Ariel: No!

Alex and Zuma: Ariel!

The end?

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