They are three magical cats that are best friends with the PAW Patrol

Bio Edit

None of them really remember who their parents are and how they got to their cave. They do remember these thing; rain, thunder, darkness and cold. When they woke up they were in a cave. Their mom and dad were nowhere in sight. Since they posses a little bit of magic so they made the cave their house. They lived there without friends for a while. Then when Rufus, Icicle, Paint and Paint's pet Wolfie were doing a mountain hike/climb when they found the cave. They went in and found Cloudflight floating around on a cloud. After their surprise they all became friends.

Appearance Edit

Sunrise- She is a pink siamese with pink on all four paws as socks and her tail tip. She has light pink eye and wears no collar

Cloudflight- She is a blue siamese cat with almost the same markings as Sunrise. She has a blue tail tip and all four of her paws have socks but the left front paws sock is a bit higher. She has light blue eyes and wears no collar.

NightGale- She is a purple siamese with markings like her sisters. She has a purple tail tip, and socks on all her paws. She has a silver mask around her eyes. She has light purple eyes and wears no collar.

Personality Edit

Sunrise- She is very fun and friendly and loves to make new friends! She was bit shyer before she meet Rufus, Icicle, Paint and Wolfie

Cloudflight- She is lot like her sister but is a lot more energetic then her sisters and loves to play with yarn so sometimes her bed is covered in it.

NightGale- She is shyer and more mellow. She doesn't like to meet other people as much but is friendly once you warm up to her.

Crushes Edit

Sunrise- She really really wants one so suggest one for her sake

Cloudflight- Is a bit meh about it but secretly wishes if she knew Wolfie liked her. One day she finds out and they end up together

NightGale- She wants to have kittens so you can suggest one for her

Trivia Edit

coming soon

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