Sundrop is a Nova Scota Duck-Tolling Retriever and a civilian pup in Foggy Bottom. She was adopted by DJ-Doxie (now Lunar Lex) on DA. She's one of the protagonist/antagonists in A Life of Two Strays.



Sundrop, drawn by Lunar-Lex on DA. I'll draw a picture of her soon. Btw she is NOT a member of the PAW Patrol

Spoiled and looks on the bright side of things, Sundrop is very upbeat and happy all the time. She lives with a very fancy and rich family, but she loves exploring the backyard and other parts of Foggy Bottom. When she met Tundra out on the streets while exploring Adventure Bay, she holds a grudge against her after the cocoa husky said that she was a spoiled, rich brat, after she commented on how dirty Tundra's coat was.


Sundrop was adopted from a pet store deep in Foggy Bottom. A rich woman came in with her daughter, who spotted the puppy right away, and took her home with them. Sundrop lived in the lap of luxury and was loving the big backyard swimming pool, until a duck landed on the water and she flipped. Her owners calmed her down and Mayor Humdinger forbidden Ducks to ever come on that property again.


  • She has a huge fear of ducks
  • She doesn't like Tundra very much
  • I (Chandlerscout) adopted her from Lunar-Lex on DA
  • Her original name was Flint and she was male. But I scrapped that


  • Ducks (ironically)
  • Getting her fur messed up


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