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Sun is very sweet and uplifting. She always tries to find the positive in every situation, and tries to ignore the bad. She is very considerate, and treats every pup she meets with kindness, love, and compassion. She never turns her back on someone in need, and is always there to help. She is very playful and fun to be around.


Sun is a light yellow collie/German shepherd mix. She has a white muzzle with a stripe that goes from her muzzle to the top of her head. Her neck, chest, and tail tip are also white. Her eyes are a light green color. Her collar is mainly a neon green, with darker green spots. Her tag is a light ivy green color with her crest being a sun.


Sun was born on the streets with her parents. They struggled to survive in the harsh world of the streets, and could barely have enough food to feed the family. Sun was the youngest out of the litter of five, and also the weakest. She needed to be coddled and fed more than the other puppies. She soon came to be a little bit of an annoyance to her siblings and father. She was often teased by her older siblings, and was unable to stop it. But her mother loved her and stood by her side through it all. She stood up for Sun and always paid extra attention to her. One day when they were out looking for food, her parents both got run over by a car. Sun and her siblings had no idea what had happened, so they eventually went to go find them. What they found was horrifying. Their parents were dead on the road, no one even bothering to move them. Sun and her siblings were devastated at the lost of their parents, and spent the rest of the day moping. But the oldest to siblings, Rida and Forowa stepped up and took charge. They treated Sun well, unlike the way they used to. But Sun's other two siblings, Heikin and Waru, started treating her even more badly. They over ruled all the kindness her other two siblings showed her, and finally Sun just couldn't take it any more. She left without saying a word. It was then that she ran into Sock, and helped pull him out of depression. The two teamed up and worked together to survive. When Sock was asked to join the PAW patrol, Sun was overjoyed of the prospect. She urged Sock to take the opportunity, saying she would be fine. And he did. But Sun was lonely without him, she missed having him by her side... But she kept on going, knowing that they would meet again.

After a while, she finally saw Sock again. She was so happy to see him, and kept asking him about everything that had happened to him when she wasn't there. She was amazed of the stories she heard, and a longing to join began inside her. After helping out on a mission, Ryder asked her to become a unofficial member as the Summer rescue pup. She was overjoyed to be able to join, and could now stay close to Sock. After a while, they got closer and closer until Sock finally told her how he felt, and they started dating.


Sun is the Summer rescue pup. She deals with most of the problems that are caused by the warm seasons. Because she is a unofficial member, she doesn't have a proper uniform. But what uniform she has is a light ivy green color.


She has a light ivy green jeep, good for all terrain.



  • she has a crush on Sock
  • She absolutely can't STAND being cold
  • She later marries Sock and has four puppies; Streaky, Krypto, Inu, and Chibi
  • She reunites with her siblings later, and is welcomed warmly. Turns out her siblings felt bad for how they treated her, and had been really worried about her.
  • She has a special pet peeve- snooty/stuck up dogs. She can't stand them! Although she still is very kind to them, she doesn't stick around them too long.


Kanda: father

Polli: mother

Rida: brother

Forowa: sister

Heikin: brother

Waru: brother

Sock: boyfriend/mate

Streaky: daughter

Krypto: son

Inu: son

Chibi: daughter


Rocky: good friends

Marshall: good friends

Chase: good friends

Zuma: good friends

Rubble: good friends

Skye: good friends

Sock: best friends

Maranda: good friends

Spitz: good friends

Sun loves making friends, so just ask if you want to be added to the list


Ever since her parents were run over, she had a vivid fear of cars. She doesn't have a problem with the pups' vehicles, but any others she is terrified of.

Voice actorsEdit

Young Sun: TBD

Teen/Adult Sun: TBD

Stories she appears inEdit


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