I actually, just this once, don't want anyone else to make another part. Sorry guys, I just have an idea. So this is when the paw patrol go to a house on a lake for the summer.

At the train station........

Ryder: Come on pups! Time to go!

Skye: I can't wait!

Marshall: This is gonna be the best summer ever!!!

Chase: *howls*

Marshall: TO THE TRAIN!

Katie: Bye!

Ryder: Bye!

Mayor: Bye!

All: Bye!

Chase: Ryder, go hug Katie.

Ryder: What?

Chase: Hehehe, nothing!

On the train.......

Rocky: *gasp*

Rubble: What is it Rocky?

Rocky: A bad storm is gonna hit us tonight!

Skye: I bet it's nothing.

Chase: Yeah! It's nothing!

Rocky: Um, okay.

Rubble: I'm bored!

Ryder: Pups, we have 2 more hours.

Rocky: UGG!


Skye: *Yawn*

Chase: *Yawn* (lays by her)

Rocky: Look at this game! (points to the screen)

Marshall: COOL!!!

Chase: SHHH!

Rubble: I'll guess I'll look out the window.

In the woods by the lake.......

Ryder: This is it!

All: WOW!

The cabin had 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a basement.

Marshall: Let's go let's go!!

Chase: Let's get in our swim trunks!

Skye: O....

Marshall: NO! It's raining!

Rocky: This is gonna be a bad storm!

Zuma: DUDE! (closes Rockies laptop) Forget the storm!

Skye: Well, I guess we can just stay inside.

Zuma: That's cool.

That night...........

(Skye and Chase are playing tug a pillow) (Zuma is watching tv) (Marshall is playing the laptop) (Rocky is eating a bone) And Rubble Is taking a nap)

Skye: UGH! It's not fair! You're so big!

Ryder: Pups!

Rubble: Huh! What! I'm up! Woah! (Falls of the couch)

Ryder: I'm getting alerts on the computer about the storm, so I'm going to set up the basement in case we sleep down there.

Ryder: Marshall! Are you even listening?

Marshall: Yeah. (Playing the laptop)

Marshall: What?

Rocky: I'm going down stairs!

Chase: Me too!

Zuma: I am!

Rubble: Me three!

Marshall: It's the safest thing to do.

Skye: I'm not afraid of a little storm!

Marshall, Rubble, Zuma, Chase: Me either!

Rocky: I'm going!

Ryder: Come down if it gets to bad.

Marshall: Okay!


Marshall: It's just a little rain!

Skye: Yeah!

Zuma: Totally!

(The TV went out)

Zuma: Man!

(The power went out)

Skye: It's freezing now!

(The lights went out)


(They darted for the basement)

Skye: Let me through!!!!

Zuma: I can't move!

(They were stuck in the hall together)

Chase: We went at the same time! We're stuck!

Rubble: WAIT FOR ME!!!!

(He bumped into them)

Marshall: Woah!


Skye: What was that!

Chase: I can't see anything!!

Zuma: I can't hear you! It's too dark!!!

Marshall: GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!


Ryder: PUPS!

Rocky: We're are you!!!

Ryder turned on a flashlight.

Rocky: Hehehe!

Skye, Chase, Zuma, and Rubble were jammed in the hall going down stairs.

Skye: Help!

Ryder: Rocky! Pull!

All: Whoa!

Ryder: Is everyone okay?

Chase: I think so.

Zuma: Weres Marshall!

Marshall: GET ME OUT!

(His feet were sticking out of the laundry basket)

All: HAHA!

Ryder: It's okay!

Marshall: Thanks Ryder!

They all slept through the storm after that.

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