Personality Edit

Sumea is a inventive and creative pup that is extremely passionate

Bio Edit

Sumea is a Collie that lives in Adventure Bay. She was born as a only pup and enjoyed playing detective. She loved it so much that he formed the K-9 Detective Agency

Appearance Edit

Sumea is a Collie with a Sherlock homes hat and a green collar with a magnifying glass on the pup tag

Family Edit

Friends Edit

Paw Patrol

Partner(s) Edit

Pup Pack Edit

  • A magnifying glass
  • A Notepad and Pencil
  • Pincer
  • Mini Pincer

Fanon Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She is secretly scared of water
  • She likes liver flavored biscuits
  • She at times speaks in the third person
  • She is inspired by a great pup

Gallery Edit

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