Sugarbear is Sidney's dog. He is 21 in dog years and 3 in human years.


When he was just a puppy, Sugarbear escaped from his cruel owners. He was walking across the street when BAM! A car hit him! He landed in the middle of the road. He realized his owners were trying to kill him! They got arrested for animal abuse. Sugarbear was taken to a pet shelter to get fixed. His 1st birthday passed but dogs barked at him. He later on was adopted by Samuel's family. At 14, he got invited to the DSH and became an Agent. Samuel found out when he passed his room and saw blue light. He later on gave a translation device so Samuel could understand him. He now is the pups coach. He has a crush on Chloe, a Cocker Spaniel. She likes him back.


Sugarbear is a terrier mix. His birthday is October 4th and 14th ( it says that on his paper for real, I just think they made a mistake).

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