This is something I have wanted to do for a while. Bee is Paint's brother. In case you were wondering.

Story Edit

Paint and Marshall are walking through the park when they hear a voice behind them.

" Ha are you two in love?" critizes a voice from behind them. Paint blushes and turns around and is about to reply when she sees who it is.

"Bee..." she says trailing off and turning around.

" Who was that?" asks Marshall.

"No one you need to know about" answers Paint looking ahead.

" So your boy friend doesn't need to know about your older brother?" asks Bee as he runs in front of them and smirks. He lunges at the pair and they step side letting Bee land on his face.

" Oh you asked for it" cries Paint

Song Edit

Paint: Let's go just me and you, let's go just one on two ( Marshall looks confused and Paint winks at him )

Go ahead try to hit me if you're able

Can't you see that my relationship is stable

I can see you hate the way we intermingle

But I just think that your mad cause your single ( Paint gets punched by Bee and Marshall runs over to check on her and ends up tripping Bee. This causes Bee to get really mad )

Your not gonna stop what we made together

We are gonna stay like this forever

If you break us up we will just come back newer

And we will always be twice the pups that you are ( Bee runs at Paint and they roll over to the slide by the playground)

I am the A

Oh oh oh oh

Lo oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh

Lo oh oh oh

Lo oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh

This is who we are

This is who I am

And if you think that you can stop me

Then you need to think again

Because love is a feeling and it will never and

And I won't let you hurt my boyfriend and I won't let you hurt my friends ( She picks up a stick and charges at Bee. Bee breaks it in half and one half goes to Marshall who grabs it and joins the fight )

more coming soon

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