These pups were created by SistersShiraandSkye and Koho they have 3 girl pups Lillian, Scarlett, & Capybara

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Descriptions Edit

Scarlett: In pup form she looks mostly like her dad only differece is her right ear is floped and her tail is all black exept the tip is Blue. She also has a purple Sock on her front Paw.

Her mer-pup tail is Orange and Red


Lillian: In pup form she is mostly a light grey with a white chest, dark blue socks on her back right paw and front left paw and her muzzel. She has hazzel eyes and a light blue collar. Her ears are perked and she has a stuby tail

Her Mer-Pup tail is Sky Blue with Really Light Grey stripes.

Personalities Edit

Scarlett: Scarlet has a very Snarky and Slightly Rude Personality. She is kind at heart but she wont back up from making fun of somepup if she has the chance but if somepup is physicaly hurt she will make sure to help them out.


Lillian: She is Patient, Observant and Attractive

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