3 weeks and 5 days after Gray Moon and Robert were born,Jennifer gave birth to a baby boy which she named Storm.

Appearance: Storm is white like his mother,but is a Wolf German Shepherd mix like his father and he has his father's yellow eyes.He has a black lightning bolt on his left side,muzzle,and the top of his tail,and Storm wears a light blue collar like his father had.

Personality: Storm is very caring and brave,but due to his braveness that he can get into trouble,but he promises not to do it again.He also has a caring side and he can be very caring to his friends and family.


Voice Actors:

Young:Jonathan Taylor Thomas(he played Young Simba in The Lion King)

Teen/Juvenile:Khary Payton(he played Cyborg in Teen Titans,Go)

Adult:Matthew Broderick(he played Adult Simba in The Lion King)


  • Storms eyes can change color due to his emotions like green for happy,blue for sad,red for angry and normal yellow for his normal self
  • If he wants to summon the power of Zeus,his lightning bolts turn yellow and his eyes turn red if he's angry
  • Storm wants to be a superhero and a member of The League of Incredible Super Pups
  • Storm has a crush on Spider-Pup and Brittany's youngest daughter Ariel
  • Storm was named after a weather pup of the PAW Patrol
  • He didn't find out that he was a Christian till he read the bible and he looked at his family tree and he found out he was a Christian
  • He used to want to be a meteorologist,but after he saw how cool a superhero was,he became a superhero

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