Once Stella moved into Adventure Bay, Rubble right away had a thing for her. Rubble moved his pup house next to Stella's.

5 months later

"Stella, what are we gonna do for our wedding plans?" Rubble asked. "Well... Were gonna have the wedding out on the bay. Everyone is already gotten the invites. Everyone in Adventure Bay. The theme color is purple and yellow, right?" "Yea. Its in one month, but I think we got everything planned out!"

1 month later

*wedding is set up, everyone is sitting and waiting for Stella to come thru the isle*

*here comes the bride lalalala*

Stella comes thru the isle with her father, Ben, in arm. She comes to the stage next to Rubble and his wingman, Chase. Skye stands behind Stella. They look for once to the crown and smile. Stella straightened Rubbles tie. Mayer Goodway was saying,"Do you, Rubble, take Stella to be your lawfully wedded wife?" "Yes!" "Stella, do you take Rubble to be your lawfully wedded husband?" "Yes!" And then Mayor Goodway said you may kiss the bride.

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