Stella is a magic dragonfly. She's one of the characters from Wish Upon a Pup.


When Sunshine Giggles was feeling bad for herself after her powers gets Milli in trouble, she met this shiny dragonfly. She teaches the drony about the way everyone can shine.

She becomes Sunny's sidekick in the end.


Stella is a young dragonfly, and she likes to get noticed.


She has a special glowing power, simlar to Sunny's, but it works with the stars. Hope you have night shades, because you don't want to see.... The Bright-Light, her and Sunny's powers at their ultimate power. This can cause blindness, and you'll be lucky if it lasts for a few seconds to a few minutes. Any longer and you'll be blind forever! This power can also make darkness banish. However, the power can banish the darkness, but when it banishes darkness from a cold heart, only their spirit can live, but in the sunshine instead of the darkness.


Stella is a blue dragonfly with gold star antennae. Her wings glitter like twinkling stars and her body shines like a bright light. She has traits from a firefly ancestor.

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