Starli is a helper and flying pup of the London PAW Patrol

Bio Edit

She was at an adoption center and one day managed to escape. She wandered the streets and came upon the alley of the London PAW Patrol. She was welcomed into the alley and soon found her place by helping strays get adopted. Then one day she helped out on a mission when they needed a flying pup. She then became the flying pup to and happily works on both sides

Appearance Edit

She is an English Fox hound with tan, black and white markings. She has black socks, mussel and ear tips. She has a big tan spot on her back and a tan tail tip. She has golden eyes and wears a golden collar and her badge is a flock of Canadian geese flying in a v

Personality Edit

She is very calm and laid back but still loves to play with the pups and hardly gets angry.But when she does she either yells 'Off with your head!' or 'Curse you red baron' but otherwise pretty calm.

Crush Edit

please suggest one but please note she won't have puppies because she thinks of all the pups in the alley as her own

Trivia Edit

  • She has an addiction to Ever After High and Peanut's
  • She likes to follow Snoopy's footsteps and tries to hunt down the red baron
  • She loves to help all of "her" little pups get adopted

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