Stardust is a female Pikachu and Lightning Strike's twin sister.


Stardust is the leader of the Magical Paradise (a bunch of islands in the Magical World). Though she's still young, she slipped a disk in her tail, so it keep cracking.

She is also Maragold's mother.  However, Maragold's eyes can't stand the sea salt. Caring for her safety, Stardust left her in the care of Lightning Strike.

She has strong leadership skills and knows a lot about safety, since the ocean can be a dangerous place. She may seem strict at first, but she really cares about the Paradise Creatures. Also, if someone is trouble in the water, she'll be the first to swim out and come to the rescue.

Stardust may seem mean at first, but she has a golden heart, even though she has a will tougher than steel.


Stardust is quick-tempered, but she cares for the Paradise Creatures. She doesn't mind Lightning Strike calling her "Dusty" (like he doesn't mind her calling him "Striker"), but she minds others calling her that.

Stardust is actually really kind and warm-hearted to her daughter and cares about the Paradise Pokemon. She has two sides to her: strict leader and caring mother.


Stardust has star shaped cheeks and wears a hibiscuit pendant around her neck. She wears sunglasses when she's getting a 'gold' (which is Pikachu for tan)

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