These are first generation characters that belong to Tundrathesnowpup. Vega's parents, Rana and Mars, and his little sister, Anabelle


Rana: A slate blue pitbull like her son, with a white muzzle and front paws. She has light blue eyes and a sparkly light blue collar with a silver star tag

Mars: A fawn and white pitbull with cropped ears and a few scars across his muzzle and shoulders- He has brown eyes and wears a dark brown leather collar with a golden bone tag

Anabelle: She looks much like her brother, but is a bit lighter and his bright slate blue eyes. She wears a light pink collar with a golden tag.


Rana: She's very calm and motherly, making sure everyone is being safe and clean. She can be a bit over-protective at times but is really a sweet girl.

Mars: Can seem very stern and tough, but when it comes to his pups and the safety of others, he is a very warm dog with a solid heart. He can be snappy when animals or people are pushing the brink of safety or just pushing him off the edge of his patience.

Anabelle: is a bit of an overly-cautious and paranoid pup. Because of her night terrors, she's a bit of a insomniac, hating going to sleep. When in a good mood, she's a very sweet and soft-hearted pup when not scared out of her wits. She's very jumpy and anxious, but can be calmed down with a certain song Vega sings to her


  • Anabelle can only sleep soundly if she has a stuffed rabbit that Vega gave her
  • Mars was used as a fighting dog in his puppy years, but was rescued and given a home. He then met Rana and fell in love with her
  • Anabelle is often called "Belle" or "Ana" by her family. 
  • Mars is very protective of his family, and can be somewhat blunt with his words. He tries to be stern a lot of the time, and can be very angry when pushed to his limits, but most of the time he's a goofy boy that loves to play with his son and daughter. He's very proud of Vega's accomplishments and tends to brag about his boy.  
  • Anabelle gets a little jealous of Twix when she and Vega first start dating, seeing her as the girl who took away her big brother. Though over time Anabelle got used to her and grew to like Twix. 
  • The three adore Vega and Twix's pups when they're born. Anabelle even gives her stuffed rabbit to Jace. She's closest to the insecure lil boy and is always there to try to help him out of his insecurities


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