On a dark and stormy night, there was one star out, that was Star, a German Shepherd. It started to get really windy and rainy.

Star: I really need to find shelter.

She tried to find a way out of the forest. She finally found a big red barn.

Star: I hope no one minds if I spend the night in here.

- morning-

Star: ~Yawn~ It's a great morning.

.....: Well your finally up. 

The voice was a nice, calm, voice.

Star: Oh, umm, hi, I'm Star!!

....: Well hi, I'm Farmer Yumi!

Star got up and started to lick Farmer Yumi's face.

Farmer Yumi: How would you like it if I adopted you

Star: I would LOVE to be adopted!!

Farmer Yumi: Well now you are officially my pet!

Star: Yaaaaay!!!!

This is only part one!!

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