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Star is a sweet, friendly, lovable drop of sunshine. She is sooutgoing, happy, and talkative that is a lot of fun to be around her. Her optimistic and positive look on life is sure to make even the hardest of hearts soften. She is very innocent, and hasnt quite grasped how cruel the world can be. She can be overbearing, enjoying to be with her friends so much she doesnt know when to leave them alone. She also has a problem with being too forwards, lets just say she's not the one you want to go to for advice on emotional trauma. Star is very, very, very, very, very emotional, she can play the victim easily and doesnt do very well with criticism of any kind.


Star is a Husky/Collie mix. Both of her ears are half folded. Her tail is long and fluffy like a Husky, but it isn't curled like one. Star is a tawny gold color. part of her face is a darker muddy brown, but the tip of her snout to her temple is a light sandy color. She has muddy brown highlights on the tips of her fur. Half of her ears are also a sandy pale color. Her neck, Chest, and half of her under-tail is white. The other half of her under tail is muddy brown. Her back is black. Her front two paws are white, and her back two paws are black. Her eyes are a light violet color. Her collar is white. She is Flare's trainee and therefore is an aviation pup.


Her uniform is a golden color. She has silver tinged goggles that she wears on her head. Her pup pack is a bright orange color. Her tag is a Amethyst color, and a bird acts as her crest.




Flare: close friends

Shiro: best friends


Bullies, Bears, Boats (since she nearly died when being thrown out of one), and ghosts.


  • she has a pet baby bunny named Ritz
  • She is very extreme in all her feelings.
  • She is a trainee next to her friend Shiro

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