So basically there's gonna be a new pup named Tracker so I made a older brother for him.


Stan is a very shy and nervous pup. Like his brother, he lives with Carlos, however, he doesn't work for the PAW Patrol. He also has hearing problems, which Marshall helps him with, Stan also had/has a tiny crush on Everest after she saved him on a rescue, so he's a tiny bit jealous of Marshall.


Stan's design is similar to Trackers, except his fur is lighter and kinda pale. He wears a light blue collar and has maroon eyes.


  • He's based off of a toy I got for my birthday.
  • Similar to Ally from "Austin and Ally", he breaks out of his shell around his "teenage" years.
  • He has a fear of thunder.
  • He dislikes Cali since she put him in danger more than once.
  • He hangs out with Indigo and Chase a lot, he's super close to them.
  • (Just for fun) He luvs Rainbows and screams "OMG!!111 A RAINBOW!! SO PURTY! DERP!"
  • His original name was going to be Conner, but I liked Stan better.


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