Appearance Edit

She is a Tan Cocker Spaniel with brown on her Ears, Tip of tail, Paws, and has a Brown fur Tuft. She has Heterochromia, She has one Brown eye and One Gold Eye. She has a Blue collar with white Flowers on it. Her Pup Tag has a Comb on it to Represent that she is a Salon Pup.

Personality Edit

Spring is a Sweet and Playful Pup. She Doesn't really like Fashion but loves to do hair. She sometimes likes to Jump in the mud if she's bored. She sometimes get Irritated if people get in the Way when she is doing her Job. She will sometimes Scream and Yell if Nobody is Listening to Her. Even Though she Sounds mean she Actually isn't. She is sweet and Kind Pup and loves Everyone and loves to be a Tomboy.

Bio Edit


Trivia Edit

  • She lives with Katie and Cali at the Vet Clinic
  • She Has a Crush on Luis
  • She has a Secret that she tells Nobody ( No.. Her Secret isn't About having a Crush on Luis)

Stories she appears in Edit

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