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Splash is a half tomboy pup her other half is just a normal girl-pup. She is friendly and very nice and can stand up to bullies when needed. She adventurous and if you try to make her mad, it won't work because she rarely ever gets mad. She's basically chill (Which can make her enemies mad, which is very awesome XD).


When her parents were attacked by a a rabid bear, she didn't know. She was rescuing Captain Turbot. All she found was the remains of her parents. So when Mothers Day, Father's Day, or their birthdays' comes, she stay in her pup house unless its an emergency comes. She only shares this story with her closest friends Zuma, and Rocky.


She is a Chocolate Labrador and a grey wolf mix. Her dad was a Wolf and her mom was a Chocolate Labrador. Her fur is brown, like Zuma. Her paws are grey and the tips of her ears. Her collar is orange and her eyes are orange. Her badge is an orange fish wearing a bandage and an exclamation point under the fish. I was going to put her badge as a rescue buoy but it was already taken (I don't like to copy). She DOES have wolf claws but takes them out if a serious emergency occurs. (Or if she gets really ticked off.)


She leans more to Zuma (mostly), and Rocky. She likes to get Rocky wet, and likes to swim and play games with Zuma.


Will be updating this

Job and Her Outfit and her Vehicle


She wears a similar outfit like Zuma especially her helmet. Her vest is a blue and green camouflaged pattern, including her helmet.


She has jet pack propellers which go really fast, faster than Zuma's. Inside her pup pack has a buoy, rescue net, hook, rope, and light.

Vehicle Edit

She has a camouflaged hovercraft like Zuma, but it has more technology. Button controls coming soon.

Stories She's in

Pups Get Splashed

Pups And the Dinner Party

Pups Set A World Record

Pups and the Rabid Bear

More to come.


Coming soon.


Bears, all kinds of bears. Don't trick her with a stuffed bear, either way. But she'll learn to overcome some of her fears later on...


Her birthday is on May 4

She has a sweet tooth.

She always smiles and is very nice, unless there is an emergency.

Her closest friends are: Zuma and Rocky.

She is a "50%" tomboy pup.

She is a very heavy sleeper, and loves to sleep.

She has a stuffed turtle, named Paddles, a gift from Ryder.

She has a big crush on Maxie and Splash gets a little bit nervous when she's around him, but she can say a few words.

Her Voice Actors

Her actors : Young Splash: Elizabeth Banks who plays Wyldstyle/Lucy in the Lego Movie.

Older Splash: Jamie Chung who plays Go Go Tomago in Big Hero 6. 


She really loves cold weather. Sometimes she stands outside in the rain or snow dancing.

She goes crazy for bacon

She also loves turtles


Hot weather



Pups who tell secrets who aren't supposed to.


Splash is ready to dash!

H2O go!

A swan dive will make you thrive!

Slippery when wet!

Let's make some waves!


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