Spitz is a first gen pup She belongs to SarahtheFBIpup also known as Levatheshapeshifter on deviant art.


Spitz 1

Updated Spitz

Spitz is a loyal German Shepherd pup that is a Animal researcher pup. She is very adventurous and a bit hyper at times. She always has the energy to get up and run. She is very spunky and is never a sore loser. She has high levels of Optimism and is constantly on the look out for good things to come. She will sometimes push her friends to be better than they are, but never goes too far. She loves her job and everything about it. When there is real trouble about she gets down to business and is very protective of her friends and family. She and her brother Stick are enemies, but in a friendly way. They have prank wars and tease each other, but not to the point of hurting each other's feelings. She has often been told that she is very cute because of little habits of hers. When happy, she rolls over and exposes her belly and wiggles. When sad, she does 'the dog face'. And when angry she emits a short sharp bark. She is a tomboy, and prefers to hang out with boys and tries to be a 'big dog'. Truth be told she's too cute too ever be thought of as a big tough dog though. She is very small for her age, but she is not a runt. She is very friendly with everyone she meets, and is a little helpless if anyone bullies her. She is a non-stop talker and would talk for hours if she could


Spitz is a caramel color with a dark brown snout, neck, and chest. She has a softer brown spot over her left eye. Her ears, tail tip,half of her back left leg, and half of her front right leg are also a softer brown. Her eyes are a robin egg blue color. Her collar is a very pretty Blue-purple color. The inside of her tag is dark razberry with her crest being a paw print with a magnifying glass over it.


Her uniform is a grey color. She wears a silver headband.


Magnifying glass


A device that records information about animals. vehicle Spitz's vehicle is a black and green jeep. it has three buttons. The red one turns the wheels into treads, the yellow one turns on the head lamp, and the blue one turns it back to normal.

Voice actorsEdit

Young Spitz:

Teen/Adult Spitz:


Kalia: mother

William: father

Sticks: brother


Chase: BFF

Marshall: BFF

Zuma: BFF

Skye: BFF


  • She really looks up to the other pups in the paw patrol.
  • She loves asking questions.
  • she is very naiive and gullible, and will believe almost anything she is told.


She has aquaphobia like Rocky and she is also afraid of bats. 




Playing tag

Playing tug-of-war


Hanging out with friends

Steak (she goes ga-ga for Steak)

Being petted

Fantasy/adventure books

Disney Movies




some bugs


Sticks (kinda sorta, she loves him at heart)


swear words

Stories she appears inEdit

Pups and the snowy accident

Spitz's origins


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