Rocky: So Skye and Chase are having a date we're setting it up. So precious stuff got any?

Rubble: My sleeping mask can't sleep without it

Rocky: Okay? Anything else

Zuma: My lucky snorkel

Marshall: My fire helmet!

Rocky: And we've got my recycled stuff ugh no Sly or should I call you Spartacus?

Spartacus: Spartacus will do thank you

Rocky: Got anything precious?

Spartacus: Well when my wife died I met a girl named Mira she was kind, cool and beautiful when the Romans killed her I took her bow and and pulled off as a simble of my love

Rubble: How romantic I mean uh..ah.. Ugh

Rocky: That's great Skye loves that stuff

Spartacus: What stuff?

Rocky: The stuff of your troubled past and romance so she'll love this

Spartacus: Oh okay (hands him the arrowhead)

Rocky: Awesome!

Skye loved the story behind the arrowhead and Chase just loved the arrowhead it self! Later they were having such a great time when Spartacus decided to sing a song to them. Very romantic they thought

Spartacus: Here's a another pity and here's another chance try to teach a lesson but we can't if we burn a city in future and in past without a change our lives will never last and we're going fast.

You can sit beside me when the world comes down if it doesn't matter then just turn around we don't need are bags and we can just leave town you can sit beside me when the world comes down

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