Chapter 1 The mission

Narrator: The pawpotral were about to go to sleep when the Ryder called them.

Ryder: Pawpotral to the lookout.

All pups: Ryder needs us.

Narrator: The pups get suited up.

Chase: Ready for action Ryder.

Ryder: Pups a space station has lost power and we need to help I will need Skye to use her new space suit to go into space with agent Ryan.

Skye: This pups gotta fly.

Ryder: (Calls Ryan) Ryan its Ryder I need your help.

Ryan: What do you need Ryder?

Ryder: To go into space with Skye to save a space station.

Ryan; Okay I will be right there with Cade, Tyler and Daniel.

Ryder: Good and hurry there's not much time.

Ryan: Till what?

Ryder: TIll the space station floats away.

Ryan: Oh. Be there in 20 mins.

Ryder: Good see you then. (ends call)

Narrator: 20 mins later Ryan, Daniel, Cade and Tyler arrive in there space suits.

Ryan: Weres the space ship?

Skye: Right here (barks spaceship)!

Narrator: Her pup house turns into a space ship.

Ryan: I did not expect that at all!

Narrator: Everyone says good bye to Skye, Ryan, Daniel, Cade and Tyler.

All pups: Be careful up there Skye.

Skye: Thanks guys.

Chapter 2 Blast off

Ryder: Lift off in 3, 2, 1 blast off!

Narrator: The ship blasts off.

Ryan: I can not belive we are going into space!

Cade: Me two!

Tyler: Me three!

Daniel: Me four!

Skye: This is just the easy part of the mission.

Ryan: Right amd what's the next part?

Skye: Finding the crew and restoring power.

Ryan: Okay thanks for telling me Skye.

Narrator: Skye parks the ship in a airlock and Ryan, his team and Skye get out of the ship.

Skye: Stay on guard guys expect anything.

Ryan and his team: Got it Skye, and guys flashlights on.

chapter 3 finding the crew

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