Sophia is a Magica type of breed. was born on an island, but raised in Adventure Bay. She is the PAW Patrol Nurse Pup.

History Edit

Sophia was born on Mushroom Island with her two sisters and four brothers. Dog catchers came, however, to take them to the Pound, forcing her parents to have their children and themselves leave the island, and afterwards, her older sister Majesty earned her marking on the forehead, as they were all Magica breed, who earn special symbols on their head for good deeds. Sophia and her siblings were sent to the Dog Orphanage to earn their markings and to be adopted. Sophia longed to leave, but Majesty told her it wasn't possible. Then one day, a person selling pup collars named Ryder came, and Miss Bad, the owner, told him to leave. Ryder adopted Sophia while there, and she lived there forever.

Appearance Edit

Magicas are born yellow, and Sophia is no exception. Her marking is a red heart which, in this case, means Healer.

Her uniform is white with a stethoscope.

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